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    Born in Istanbul on March 30, 1980, Yalın's passion for music was sparked by the Gipsy Kings tunes his father played for him on his guitar in the evenings. After he was admitted to the Department of Economics of Bilgi University in Istanbul, he kept composing and started recording in a studio for his album demo.

    Making his debut in the music industry with his first album "Ellerine Sağlık" released in 2004, Yalın received a great deal of attention with his song “Zalim” and performed nearly 40 concerts on his tour following the album. He made music videos for his most popular tracks that rose to the top of the MTV World Chart Express. Receiving numerous awards with his debut album, Yalın made the music charts of many other countries with his songs. His success in Turkey also attracted the attention of producers abroad, and he received offers from foreign producers who wanted to use his songs. As a result, he produced an international hit called "Değmez" with world-renowned Shaggy Famous, which eventually introduced him to international platforms.

    Building on the success of his debut album, he released his second album “Bir Bakmışsın” in April 2005. Attracting great interest once again with "Bir Bakmışsın", which made the list of "Best-selling albums of the year", Yalın's achievement was certified by MÜYAP (Turkish Phonographic Industry Society) and the album received the Golden Record award. "Bir Bakmışsın" was also released in Long Play format for collectors.

    In 2007, he released his third studio album “Her Şey Sensin”, and as in the previous albums, all the lyrics and music belonged to him. The album's cover was designed by Emrah Yücel, designer of posters for Hollywood movies. Making outstanding sales in the first 20 days of its release, the album was listed among the "Best-selling local albums of the year" and received the Golden Record award from MÜYAP. Carrying his musical attitude and style even further to the top with "Her Şey Sensin", Yalın proved once again how advanced his awareness and vision in his lyrics and music were.
    Following the break he gave after "Her Şey Sensin", Yalın returned in 2009 with the album "Ben Bugün". His fourth studio album, featuring 12 tracks written and composed by him and arranged by Alper Erinç, attracted a great deal of attention with its distinctive sound and joyful lyrics full of energy. The music video he produced together with Ömer Faruk Sorak for the song "Ah Be Kardeşim" in this album received the “Best Music Video Award" at the Kral TV Video Music Awards.

    A successful figure in pop music, Yalın accomplished 4 extraordinary albums in the first 6 years of his professional music career. He broke records with more than 3 million song downloads on digital platforms and received numerous awards.

    In June 2011, he released his single “Anlat Güzel Mi Oralar" on digital platforms. 
    The album "Sen En Güzelsin", released when Yalın was at the peak of his musical attitude and style, met music enthusiasts on July 12, 2012. The song "Kasma", launched on the digital music platform TTNet a week before the album came out, became the most-streamed song with 800,000 streamings in 5 days.
    Just like in all his albums, the lyrics and music of all songs in "Sen En Güzelsin" belong to Yalın. The album, arranged by Ozan Çolakoğlu and released under the Avrupa Müzik label, features 11 tracks.

    One of the most successful figures in pop music with extraordinary albums released one after the other since his debut, Yalın mesmerized his fans once more with the album "Bayıla Bayıla" which he released in 2016. Selected as the Best Male Artist of the Year by students of the Istanbul Technical University, Yalın produced music videos for the songs “Tatlıyla Balla”, “Sesinde Aşk Var" and "Kader Ne Söylüyorsa" featuring in the album. He released a remix version of his song "Sesinde Aşk Var" produced with Mahmut Orhan and achieved resounding success with the music video he produced for this song in sign language for the hearing impaired.

    After his last studio album, Yalın left a mark on his listeners as the first person to come to mind for love songs thanks to "Sensiz Ben Ne Olayım" released in 2018, and "Deme Bana Yokum" and "Deva Bize Sevişler" released in 2019. With his body of work, he was presented the Golden Butterfly Award for Best Newcomer Male Solo Artist in 2005 and Best Male Turkish Pop Music Solo Artist in 2010.

    Having produced hits popular with masses during his music career of 15 years, Yalın, as an artist who produces his own music, continues to write and create, and meet with his fans. Click here to have a look at the concert calendar for Yalın's live performances, and listen to Yalın's songs on the music platforms Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Fizy and Muud until you meet him on stage.